EduPro uses Visual Composer to build the homepage and other pages on the website. Visual Composer provides a lot of useful shortcodes to decorate the content. Besides, we add more shortcodes for EduPro.

If you don’t know about Visual Composer yet, please follow this guide.


This shortcode simply renders a wrapper div. It has no settings.


This shortcode displays a button like this:

You can edit the button link, button size, colors (text, background, border), and typography. Just select or set the value in each tab of the shortcode popup:


The container shortcode is used to wrap some shortcodes in a .container div. It makes sure the content doesn’t flood to the edges of the screen. This shortcode has no settings.


This shortcode shows a countdown to a specific time in the future. The shortcode has an option to select the specific date/time and 2 styles like below:

Style 1

Style 2

Counter Icon

This shortcode displays a number with icon. The number is increasing from 0 to the specific value. See demo.

Simply enter the number, the text and select an icon for each block. It supports maximum 4 blocks (for animating numbers).

Counter Up

This shortcode is similar to Counter Icon shortcode, except it doesn’t have an icon. Instead of that the animating number is displayed in a colorful circle which you can configure. See demo.

This shortcode displays a block with a background image and a link/button. Here are how it appears:

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

If you choose style 3, you will have more options to enter the number and the size of the block.

This shortcode displays the courses/events/posts in a specific category or tag. It has some built-in styles (with preview so you can imagine how it displays).


This shortcodes displays a block of heading texts, including title, subtitle and description with an optional horizontal line.

You can change the typography options for text and colors for the horizontal line.

Icon box

This shortcode displays a block of text with an icon.

There are some options for the position of the icon and text alignment. You also can change the colors and typography as well.

This shortcode displays a full-width image gallery with a lightbox effect.

Simply choose the images from the Media Library or from external sources and the gallery will do the rest for you.


This shortcode displays a Google Maps on your website. You can choose a location by address or coordinates and setting a custom marker for the map.

Note that to make Google Maps display, you need to enter your Google Map API key in the Theme Options (please see the Theme Options documentation for more info).

This shortcode displays the most-viewed courses in a tiled-gallery.

It’s very similar to the Featured Courses shortcode, but has only 1 style. You can choose which category or tag of the courses as well.

Pricing Table

This shortcode displays a pricing table:

You can enter the text for table heading and the colors. The text of the pricing item is created by another shortcode Pricing Item below.

Pricing Item

This shortcode simply displays a pricing item in a pricing table. Here is how it’s set up:

Registration Form

This shortcode displays the registration form on your website. This shortcode has an option to let you display a custom instruction message to users, which you can enter a shortcode of the social login plugin to display login options via Google, Facebook or Twitter.

To enable social login, you need to install WordPress Social Login plugin (recommended).

This shortcode has several styles of the registration form as below:

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Search Courses

This shortcode displays a search form for your courses. You can select one of 3 built-in styles (with preview in the admin). You can also edit the colors of the text and inputs.


This shortcode displays a carousel slider of your testimonials. Simply select the number of testimonials and style of the slider (there are previews in the admin area).

Note that you must enable the Custom Content Type module in the Jetpack plugin to add testimonials to your website.

Single Team Member

This shortcode displays a team member profile. Each member can have name, introduction and links to their social networks.

Team Members Slider Wrapper

If you have many team members and want to display them in a carousel slider (see demo here), you need to use this shortcode to wrap the single team members. There is no settings for this shortcode.


This shortcode displays a video on your website. You can choose video from Youtube or Vimeo.

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