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EduPro uses LearnDash LMS to create and manage online courses. The layout of LearnDash is based on the e-learning methodology used in learning programs at Fortune 500 companies.

Please note that the LearnDash plugin is not bundled in the theme. You need to purchase it to use with the theme. Click here to buy it.

  • The top-level is “Courses”.
  • Below that you have “Lessons”. Lessons are assigned to Courses.
  • Below Lessons you have “Topics”. Topics are assigned to Lessons just like Lessons are assigned to Courses.
  • Finally, there are “Quizzes”. Quizzes can be assigned to a Topic, Lesson, or a Course.

Please note that this default terminology can be changed.

For example, if you want to change “Lessons” to “Modules”, then all you have to do is navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > CUSTOM LABELS (screenshot) and you can make the necessary modifications.

The full documentation for LearnDash is here.

Portfolio Projects

EduPro uses Jetpack to create and manage portfolio projects.

Please follow this instruction to understand how to do that.


EduPro also uses Jetpack to create and manage testimonials. Similar to the portfolio, please follow this instruction to understand how to do that.


EduPro already integrated the event management system for you without installing plugins. To add a new event, go to Events > New Event:

Remember to add the following info:

  • Event title and content
  • Event information:
    • Location: where the event happens
    • Start date: when it starts
    • End date: when it ends
    • Ticket price (normal): in USD
    • Ticket price (VIP): in USD
  • Event excerpt, which will show in the event list or event archive page.
  • Event category
  • Featured image

The event prices are used to show the information only (on single event page). It doesn’t mean a payment system for the event.

If you sell tickets elsewhere (on EventBrite for example), it’s best to include the Buy now button in the event content.


EduPro uses WooCommerce to let you create an online shop and sell products. To know how to work with WooCommerce, please follow their docs.

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