Theme Options

All the theme options are the location in Appearance > Theme Options. This section will explain each option in details.

General Tab

This tab has general options that affect the whole website.

  • Google Map API KEY: This key is required to display the map on the website. Get it here.
  • Enable / Disable smooth scrolling: If checked, then a smooth scrolling effect will be added to your website. Check the effect on our demo.
  • Font for Title: The font for all titles (headings) on the website. Google Fonts are available to choose from.
  • Font Weight For Title: The font weight for all titles (headings).
  • Font For Body Text: The font for body text.
  • Custom Size Of Fonts in Posts: The font size (in pixels) for text in the post content.

Top Bar Tab

This tab has option for the top bar. The topbar left and right are 2 sidebars: Topbar left and Topbar right. To add content to the topbar, please go to Appearance > Widgets. Recommended content for the topbar: text, custom menu, social links and login/register links.

  • Show Topbar: Whether to show or hide the top bar
  • Options for background color, text color, icon color and font size for the top-level items and the sub menu items are self-explained.

This has all options for the header. The options are grouped into 3 groups:

  • Header Style
  • Header Color
  • Mega Menu

Header Style

  • Header Style: Select one of the built-in predefined style for the header.
  • Fix Top Header on Scroll?: Whether or not keep the header stayed on the top of the website when scrolling. This feature is also called “Sticky Header”
  • Turn Off Uppercase on Menu items?: By default, the menu text is uppercase. Check this option will make it non-uppercase, e.g. the same as you entered.
  • Show Search | Cart or Socials: Choose which element to show on the menu. That can be nothing, search box and Cart icon or socials icon.
  • Font size menu: The font size for text in the menu.
  • Font size sub menu: The font size for text in the submenus.

Header Color

This section has all the options for the color for the background, text, icon, … for the menu and submenu. All the options are self-explained.

Mega Menu

The theme has integrated the mega menu function. It has 2 styles of mega menu:

The default mega menu style (built-in the theme):

And the mega menu supported by Max Mega Menu plugin (free):

To add the style like the Max Mega Menu, you need to install the plugin. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Max Mega Menu, install and activate it:

Back to theme options, all the options are just the color for elements of the mega menu and are self-explained.

Color Schemes

In this section, you can choose a predefined color scheme or choose custom colors for your website.

Page Header is the area below the main menu where showing the page title and some other information like breadcrumbs:

This section sets the default style for the header. Each post type (product, portfolio or event) can have its own settings (see the tab for WooCommerce, Porfolio or Events).

  • Use The Same Header Image On All Pages: This option forces all pages to use the same header image. So the settings for WooCommerce, Porfolio and Events won’t work if this is checked.
  • Header Image: You can select any image in the Media Library.
  • Page Title Position: Where to display the page title.
  • Color options like background color, page title color, line color, breadcrumbs color.

Note that each taxonomy can have different header image. To set the header image for a taxonomy, just edit a term and set the Featured Image like the screenshot below:

Blog, WooCommerce, Portfolio, Events, Courses

These sections are similar. They have several options for posts, products, projects, events, courses on archive page and single page. All the options are easy to understand. You can find option to change the sidebar layout, colors and hide several elements on the page if you want.


This section shows options for the author page (author of the courses, not posts). It has only an option to sort the courses by date/rating or review.

This section shows options for the sidebar. Besides the color options, which are self-explained, you can check/uncheck the option “Fix Sidebar Position On Scroll?”. This option let you set the sidebar sticky while scrolling.

This section shows options for the footer.

  • Columns: The number of columns in the footer. Each column is a sidebar. To add content to the footer columns, please go to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Copyright Text: The copyright text that displays in the bottom of the page.
  • Show Go To Top Button: Check this to show the go to top button
  • Several color options which are self-explained.

Update Plugins

This section shows link download lastest plugins of theme.

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